The 43rd HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition

43. Kongres KGHThis year’s, the 43rd international congress is dedicated to the current topics from the broad HVAC&R field, primarily focusing on buildings as main energy consumers and the use of renewable sources and the most up-to-date products used in HVAC&R systems.

The Organizer’s special wish is to promote the exchange of information on new building materials that affect the building energy demands as well as to present the most up-to-date building structures and their architectural designs in compliance with thermal performance, which are the preconditions for energy efficient behaviour of buildings.

The topics include refrigerants which substitute conventional ones that are being phased out due to their environmental impact. The district heating and cooling systems remain the inevitable topic of this gathering of HVAC&R professionals.

The second congress day is dedicated to the student program, which has already become traditional and is intended for students and the youngest generation of those who select to engage in HVAC&R profession as well as in other specialties directly associated with HVAC&R systems in buildings. The topics of student papers include the general HVAC&R topics as well as the topics suggested in this announcement. Among the papers to be presented in the congress, the best ones will be selected to be published in the journal and to be presented at international student conferences and meetings.

Important dates and deadlines

ABSTRACT AND PAPER SUBMISSION In addition to the title of the paper, an application should include an abstract of approx. 10 lines and information on the author or authors of the papers (name, surname, title, company/institution name and address, telephone and fax numbers, home address, telephone and mobile telephone numbers and e-mail address).

APPLICATIONS WITH ABSTRACTS should be submitted to the Organizing Committee by 10th July 2012 to e-mail: „office@smeits.rs”.

THE AUTHOR (the first author, if more than one), will receive a notification of acceptance of his/her paper proposal and instructions for preparing the full-length paper, which must be submitted by 20th September 2012.

PAPER MAXIMUM LENGTH (including illustrations, abstract and references) should be 8 pages of A4 format. In addition to the Congress Proceedings in the Serbian language, a CD will be published including the papers submitted in the English language.

In order to have their papers published on the CD, authors should submit their papers in Serbian and in English.

THE AUTHORS (only the first author, if more than one) will be exempted from the congress fee payment.

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    Download of FINAL CONGRESS PROGRAMME you can find HERE.
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    Welcome to the 43rd International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition!
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    See HERE names of the first 50 + abstracts submitted papers
  • 11.05.12
    Application should be submitted to the Organizing Committee by 10th July 2012 to office@smeits.rs.
  • 03.05.12
    The official languages are Serbian and English. All oral presentations will be simultaneously translated into these two languages.
  • 10.04.12
    Paper subbmission: should be 8 pages of A4 format. In addition to the Congress Proceedings in the Serbian language, a CD will be published including the papers submitted in the English language.
  • 09.02.12
    The 43rd HVAC&R congress will have one general patron and several general sponsors and sponsors. More...
The 43rd International Congress and Exhibiton


  • General problems in achieving energy efficiency of HVAC&R systems in buildings
  • The most up-to-date technologies in civil engineering for energy demands in public and residential buildings
  • The existing buildings and their reconstruction (retrofit) for the purpose of improving their energy efficiency and the use of renewables
  • The latest energy policy at the global level and in Serbia; green buildings, examples from practice
  • Refrigeration units and systems. Implementation of the conclusions from the Montreal and the Kyoto Protocols
  • Manufacture of heat pumps and HVAC&R equipment: technological development in this industry sector
  • District heating and cooling systems; distribution network, losses, consumption calculation, energy consumption payment
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration with hybridisation using RES
  • Air-conditioning, automatic control, intelligent buildings
  • Newest façades from the aspect of energy efficiency
  • HVAC&R systems in museums and legally preserved historic and important buildings
  • Examples of successful practise


The aim of the exhibition is to present and inform the professional community on new products used in buildings and building energy supply.

As an integral part of the congress, this time the exhibition will also be focused on the products manufactured by using new technologies, new elements in the field of HVAC&R systems and plants and successful practice. It is an opportunity for designers, constructors, manufacturers, scientists and company representatives, all those with the same task, to meet one another at the same time and at the same place.

One segment of the exhibition is dedicated to software, information technologies and green programmes and networks, which arouse great interest of visitors due to the irreplaceable role of software and information technologies in all domains of HVAC&R. Like in previous years, the stands will be installed on the ground floor, next to the congress hall, and on the gallery above the hall in the Sava Centre. All the information regarding the participation in the exhibition will be available in the Organizer’s office.

The 43rd International Congress and Exhibiton

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